09 August 2013 on News by johnpaulwalker

John-Paul is undertaking a self-build studio shed in his garden. He is using this opportunity to test out an economic ecological construction. The main criteria for this are to:

- To use 95% renewable/re-used materials
- To achieve a high level of insulation and air tightness
- To use local suppliers as much as possible
- To minimise ground works & cart-away
- To maximise natural light for lighting and solar gain
- To make a healthy interior environment

To achieve all this he is using a timber frame construction, with traditional and lay on joints (avoiding the need for metal bracket fixings), with Thermafleece sheeps wool insulation and external Pavatex insulating board. This build up does not use a membrane and therefore controls a healthy level of humidity in the interior. We will keep you posted on his progress!


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