01 June 2011 on News by cdavies

'The Olympian' is our response to an Architecture Foundation competition brief to design a structure celebrating the arrival to the 2012 London Olympics, resolves a confusing public space, accommodate a visitors center and street kiosks and in the longer term continue to serve the people of Stratford. 'The Olympian' is a celebration of human achievement, in both the heritage of the Olympics and more widely the potential future regeneration of Stratford, an economically deprived area. The structure is to cost an estimated £165K

The design is inspired by the dynamic figures by 19th Century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, these photographs used ground breaking techniques to capture movement. It is proposed that this idea is brought up to date with giant dynamic figures based on stills of video footage of a selected 2012 UK Olympic athlete running and jumping, representing physical human achievement. We propose to use real video footage of the UK’s top athletes to generate the images, which will be laser cut from sheet stainless steel, forming a dynamic concertina facade which forms a resilient, low-maintenance, cleanable frontage to the new kiosks. The bold, larger than life Olympian athlete sprints and leaps across the site; creating a dynamic facade in which the figures form window openings, flat opening screens to the street vendors, and access doors as required. The faceted animated steel facade defines the edge of Meridian Square, assist in directing visitors towards the Olympic Park/ Westfield shopping centre/ Stratford Town Centre & Bus Station. It is also designed to function as a secure frontage which can be secured at night, and windows/ doors into the kiosk accommodation behind.


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