15 August 2013 on News by johnpaulwalker

'God is in the details!' Nephew Fin quality checking.

A lot of time has been spent choosing, quantifying and sourcing materials. A completely 'dry' construction has been chosen for speed and simplicity.

Most materials have now arrived on site, and things are progressing well.

  • Toby Clark
    9 years ago - Reply

    Looking good JP, let me know when it’s water tight and I’ll pop in for a cuppa. Hope you’re well.

    • admin
      9 years ago - Reply

      Cheers mate, good to hear from you, will let you know when its finished. You still biking? if so we should meet up for a ride on weekend.

  • Toby Clark
    9 years ago - Reply

    Yes still biking, more of a roadie now but still get out on my mtb. Very busy with weekends until middle of september but will get something organised.

    Your website looks great by the way!

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