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bolsover castle, derbyshire

Conservation Work | Bolsolver Castle | Derbyshire | UK
For – English Heritage
Role – Project Architect
Value – Little Castle £309,140 | Riding House £812,203 | Venus Fountain £150,000 | Total £1,271,343

An extensive programme of repairs and conservation work was carried out in order to ensure the future of the castle and improve visitor facilities and access. A wide range of conservation techniques and specialist consultants where coordinated to ensure that each part of the building was treat with the utmost understanding and care, every action informed by a detailed programme of research.

The former Stables to the Riding House Range where refurbished to provide a “Discovery Centre” for visitors to the Castle where they can explore an interactive timber model of the Little Castle. The building is also now usable for events with the introduction of a new service facility.


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