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regather, sheffield

Hornhandle Works | sheffield | uk
For – Regather (trading co-op)
Role – Project Architect
Value – c.£100,000

Regather is an pioneering trading co-operative based in the Sharrow area of Sheffield. Regather’s mission is to “help people work together, support each other, trade their goods and services and make projects happen”. They found a listed 19th century cutlery works to base themselves, which tapped into the heritage of making and trading that runs deeply through the veins of Sheffield. However the many years of alteration had left the building with a ad-hoc arrangement of rooms and general poor condition.

In true cooperative spirit, we teamed up with Paul Testa Architecture to develop a scheme to unlock the potential of the building, improve its environmental performance and ensure it was in good condition for the future. As part of the process we co-ordinated a group of the students from the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. As part of the Live Projects programme that runs each year the students developed various scenarios of how the works could be best used by the co-op. This culminated in an interactive exhibition as part of the Regather open day.



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